Cyber Monday TR 2015

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True Religion Jeans Joey Petite - Dark Pony Express Womens This Omnigod chambray pullover probably made the artsy mom in all of us jump for joy. This is some straight Chico's fire and if you need any more encouragement about this shirt you probably don't really like anything, let alone dope ass artsy mom looks. Everyone always thinks my best friend and I are just joking when we talk about wanting to be stay at home dads, but we're 100% dead serious. First, we are attracted to strong, powerful, successful women who make lots of money. Two, we like to stay at home. Three, we want to paint watercolor tableaus with our kids while wearing dope artsy minimalistic alphets that say, This guy is unfettered by trends, but still somehow always looks so modern. We'll put our old cutaway collar shirts on our kids backwards so they can paint freely and not worry about getting paint on the fire outfits we will have picked out for them the night before. We'll be like, Don't worry, in art there aren't any mistakes, just lessons. Don't even get me started on the elaborate bento box-style lunches we're gonna be making for them. Like, what sugar momma wouldn't want to support guys like us?

Cyber Monday TR 2015,