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True Religion Brand Long Sleeve T-shirts Mens Spring and summer mean a few things, the most obvious of which is warmer weather. But the other thing that comes along with spring and summer is one of my least favorite things: socializing. Most of the time a T-shirt will probably do. I mean, no one expects you to get totally done up for a fucking barbecue in the tiny backyard of their apartment. However, it's not those situations that become a problem when it comes to getting dressed. Nah, it's the kinda formal, look a little better than usual type of things that your girlfriend drags you to or maybe you're literally required to wear a collared shirt to get into some rooftop bar. (Side note: DO NOT go to those bars.) Any place that requires a collar is bullshit, but sometimes it's not the dress code, but peer pressure, so wear a goddamn polo shirt and call it a fucking day. I'm of the firm belief that polos are underrated in 2015. I hate southern frat bros (shout out Lawrence) and their innate animal instinct to have a Polo horse over their heart at all times as much as you do, and yet, I love polo shirts because they're really not that dressy at all. This one from Michael Bastian is really the tits if you're going for that minimal, valued?art museum donor type of look that I am. Blow $500 on a single polo and act like you've been here before even though you clearly haven't because you were busy saving up after blowing $500 on a single polo.

Cyber Monday TR Bootcut Jeans,