Cyber Monday TR Jackets

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True Religion Slim Fit Jeans Mens USA I'm not gonna lie to you guys, I've been eying this excursion pack from Teranishi¡Xformerly known as Truman Handcrafted ¡Xfor a while now. I just want to wear this bag and Hot Tub Time Machine my ass back to college. I would look so fucking cool waltzing into class a little late, disrupting the conversation about Durkheim as I carefully took out my five-in-one click pen and notebook. But don't worry, I'd totally help bookend the last twenty pages of the assigned reading with an insightful question that leads the professor to say, That's actually a great?segue to next week's reading. Everyone think about Jon's question as you read over the weekend. That was pretty much my modus operandi in college. It worked a lot except for this one core bio class where the TA hated me because I noticed his name was a homonym of slaughter, which led the entire class to refer to him as Sgt. Slaughter and he was not amused. One time, he tried to hit me with a pop quiz and I was like, Pop quiz? What is this, 8th grade? And he was like, Yup, and since you're 10 minutes late, you have less time than everyone else. But I aced that fucking quiz with time to spare and on the way out I was like, Sgt. Slaughter tried to catch me slipping, and my buddy laughed. Clearly, I won that day.

Cyber Monday TR Jackets,