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Jesus Christ, everyone's going turbo with the fashion documentaries. But this one gets a pass. At the Tribeca Film Festival tomorrow, a short film about Martin Margiela will premiere.? The Artist Is Absent will explore his legacy and, of course, his veil of secrecy, all told by those close to the man behind one of fashion's most recognizable labels. You can watch the trailer above and see how glowingly Margiela's?former boss, Jean Paul Gaultier, speaks of him. Sadly, tickets are sold out unless you just want to show up and walk in like you're Ernest Baker .

Cyber Monday TR Skinny Jeans, True Religion Slim Fit Jeans Mens US The Cut also has an interview with the film's director, Alison Chernick, that gives insight into how the film came about through brand itself. She also spoke to Martin briefly, who only gave her a list of people who would be good to talk to, so don't expect to see the man's rarely seen visage on screen. This is one subject I think we all wish?ended up getting a longer, more fleshed out documentary. I mean, the film is just 12 minutes long! Talk about minimalist brand synergy goddamn. Apparently, Chernick was commissioned to make it in such an abbreviated form by the Maison. I don't think anyone would complain if we ended up with a longer version in the future, but with Margiela's desire to keep their mystery intact, I don't think we'll see one, as unfortunately as that may be.