Cyber Monday TR UK

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True Religion Jeans Joey Petite Flare Jean - Lonestar Womens O¡¦Ballou has a brand name that reminds me of, like, the bear from The Jungle Book , except, I guess, Irish in this scenario? That's neither here nor there. HAVE YOU GUYS SECURED YOUR GOLD CHAIN YET? If not, you might as well move the fuck on from this post because white sweatshirts are infinitely more doper when paired with a gold chain, as clearly seen here in another perfectly styled Gentry fit. I don't know why you guys are resisting the gold chain. Is it fear that your chain might get snatched? That it won't hang as low as you hoped? Regardless, you need to get your shit together because your outfits could be 7.8 times more fire if you would just buy yourself some nice jewelry. That way, in, like, 6 months, The Cut or whoever can do a trend piece on gold mewelry and we can act all indignant on Twitter like, IT'S BEEN THAT WAY FOR A MINUTE, THE CUT.

Cyber Monday TR UK,