Cyber Monday True Religion CA

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True Religion Slim Fit Jeans Mens Brand Have you guys been reading OUTSTANDING ? No? Why not? You're not into a magazine published by Hiroshi Fujiwara and DETZ Matsuda? Don't worry, I barely read any of the magazines I pretend to subscribe to on the Internet. I mean, magazines are just props for Instagram shots of your apartment, right? Like, Look how awesome I can make these shitty pieces of compressed woodchips jumbled together by an Allen key seem with just a few choice magazines and an artfully placed tiny potted plant. HOW DO YOU GUYS MAINTAIN SUCH TINY POTTED PLANTS? You must be transplanting like once a week and buying new tiny plants to put in your tiny pots. Anyways, this issue, the eighth overall, features an interview with the gawd Daisuke Obana, of N.Hoolywood , plus an editorial in which Hiroshi Fujiwara and Yosuke Aizawa talk snowboarding. WHAT MORE DO YOU NEED? Tiny potted plants, that's fucking what.

Cyber Monday True Religion CA,